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Welcome to the Idaho Warrington's Photo Gallery Page

Just scroll down and click on any pictures that you would like to see a bigger image of. If anyone wants a bigger picture of anything here e-mail blake@thewarringtons.net and I will try and get it to you. All the latest photo's have red headings.

New Company Launching in March/April 2007
On to another endeavor! Angie and Blake have been invited to help launch a new division of a successful infomercial driven company called Beach Body (www.beachbody.com). They are a $150 million dollar per year company launching a new division is called Million Dollar Body and that is where we come into play. Their exercise DVD's are incredible. We are now getting in the best shape of our lives. If anyone wants to get back on track with any weight loss or fitness goals - give us a call. This stuff works. Take a look at the few short videos below that follow the pictures. The company recently flew us out to there headquarters in Beverly Hills. They put us up at the Four Seasons Hotel and treated us like royalty. We saw Bruce Willis, the Barbi Twins, Jerry Springer and a few other "celebrities."  We had a great time.

Power 90 Video Great CEO Message Before & After CEO Great Testimonial


Snowboarding in the Back Yard January 2007
Mackenzi and Dylan took advantage of some snow that fell in our back yard - along with psycho puppy Damon.

Amazing Sunsets Off the Back Deck

We see the most incredible sunsets off our back deck. These pictures don't do them justice. If we have clear sky's we see this almost every night.

Christmas 2006
A few pictures of Christmas and the kids opening presents, and of course our big vicious Rottweiler Damon.


A Little White Christmas December 2006
We get a little snow several times a year. Usually no more than a few inches. It's real beautiful to look at on a sunny day. These are views from the back of the house, front of our house and looking up and down our street


Angie's Auto Accident August 2006
This is the second time Angie was rear ended since we have been out here in Idaho. This time she was driving some clients (friends from California) around looking at houses. They were stopped behind a school bus that was dropping kids off and a 16 year old kid hit her at 35 miles an hour (no brakes) and pushed her into another car that also hit another car. It doesn't look that bad but it totaled the van.


Dylan and friend Matt
Mackenzi locked Dylan and hi friend in our wine closet and put the key just out of their reach. That's what sisters are for.


At the Walling Mansion for Darren's 40th Birthday

How 13 Year Olds Look Cool
Mackenzi and one of her girlfriends taking pictures for their MySpace accounts


Hanging Out in the Boise River with the Perrault's (2006)
George and the boys came out and we took them down to the river (about 5 minutes from our house)


Floating Down the River
A very popular, and fun, Boise past time is floating down the Boise river. It's a mellow 2 hour trip and a lot of (relaxing) fun!

Dylan's Summer Camp Play
Dylan went to a summer camp and the boys took it upon themselves to make a play. We're still trying to figure out what they were doing.


Night out with a hot chick - I mean my wife!
Yeah, she's still got game. Boise is a great place for dinner and entertainment. We love it!

California Road Trip!
Angie and the kids went to California for Ray's retirement party and to visit some of our close friends. Blake stayed back and watched the puppy and the home front.


Yet Another Puppy Update
If dogs were weeds I would spray this thing. He's getting HUGE! This set was taken in August. He's a little over 5 months old here. At this point he has been quite a handful - but getting much better. We have been training him and he is responding (in German) pretty well. He has really big paws. Even the trainers that work with us can't believe how big he is for his age. He is also very loving. He likes to sit in your lap and has a real peace about him - compared to Keeena. He also loves ice cubes. You open the freezer and if he hears ice - he's at your feet in a second. It's the greatest almost free treat in the world!


Getting BIGGER... Damon LOVES the water. He also met a new buddy at the river. The funny thing is that the owners live across the street from our house we are building in Star

Getting Bigger...

Here's Damon in April 2005. He is about a 7 weeks old here

Building Our "Dream Home"
So here we are in Boise, less than a year, and real estate prices are going NUTS (California Nuts) in our area. Through my CEO and now real estate wife, we are lucky to purchase a "very special" 1 acre lot in a great area called Hillsdale Estates in a small (soon to be big city called Star. We literally got the last available lot through the company Angie works for. As of today (July 31st, 2005) a similar lot just sold for $189,000 and another one was just put on the MLS for $229,000 and is getting a lot of calls (from California, Florida and Washington).

This is going to be a big project so it will have a separate web site for those interested to follow along. Click Here or on any image below to be taken to the Construction Zone...

Puppy Update

Only two weeks left and we pick up our new little guy - last week in April! We can't wait!! Yes, this time we are getting a boy - the pick of the litter. These are pictures of him at 6 weeks of age. They are growing fast! Name? Were not sure yet - Damon? Axel? Roc? Stay tuned...

Vegas Baby!

Angie and Blake took much needed break to celebrate the "first time" they were married. Blake picked up Angie at the airport in a 2001 Dodge Viper. We drove around Vegas and went to an awesome place called Red Rock. As for the car - Blake says.. This thing has scary power. It was a TOTAL rush! This car has 6 gears and I was in 4th at 100 mph and it was just "getting ready to go." Out of complete fear I never got it into 5th gear - let alone 6th. Angie drove it to. She was scared too - and never got it out of second gear (60 mph +). We also saw David Copperfield and did a bunch of other fun stuff. We had a great (short) time. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Dylan Starting Baseball

Dylan started baseball out here just like he was doing in Tracy. He loves the game and is doing pretty good. Blake is helping coach as much as possible with his busy work schedule.

Time for a New Puppy!!

It's been almost seven months since we had to put our baby Keena down and we are ready and can't wait to get another Rottweiler. We were fortunate to find a real quality breeder that was only 1o minutes from our home. These are pictures of the 10 liter of puppies when they were about 3 weeks old. The owners have four Rottweiler - including both the mom and dad from this litter.

Friends from California Pay a Visit

Our friends from Tracy, California, George, Brian and Bradley Perrault came and visited us in February. We went up to McCall and went skiing and had a really good time.


Ski Tobogganing and Winter Festival in McCall

These were taken from a Winter Festival we went to in McCall in February. The have ski toboggans that you can go down on these big long runs in an inner tube. Then you get pulled back up on a rope tow. The entire lake is frozen over, which is pretty amazing since it is such a big lake. They also had an ice sculpture contest where stores and vendors displayed their works all around town.


Learning to Snow Board

We joined a new ski resort called Tamarack, which is about 10 minutes from McCall. Mackenzi and Dylan both learned how to snow board. Dylan picked up it a little easier than Mackenzi who later on decided that she was a skier and not a boarder.

Some of Mackenzi's New Friends from School

These are a couple shots of Mackenzi's friends from her school.

A Long way from the Fire House

Blake is now Director of Global Marketing for an International nutritional company called BodyExtreme (http://www.bodyextreme.com). These are a couple shots from a meeting we held. We just opened new offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and had several doctors come who have helped us develop some of our products.

Filming for a New DVD

These are a couple shots of the film crew and people from a DVD Blake is producing.

Angie Conducting an Interview for the DVD

Angie helped out with her prior acting skills to help conduct an interview with a woman from the ToxicFree Foundation. They endorse a line of toxic free personal care products that BodyExtreme has.

Christmas 2004 at Papa and Nanny's House

Part of the Christmas tour 2004, we went to Auburn to be with Angie's family at their home in Grass Valley. Not many of these pictures came out so will have to wait for Nanny to send some better ones.


Christmas 2004 at Grandma and Grandpa's House

We flew out to California for Christmas to see all our family and friends. It was a busy trip trying to see everyone we could.

Yes it Snows a Little Bit in Boise

The pictures of Mackenzi and Dylan playing with snow on the trampoline were taken around the house we are renting in November of 2004. The other three pictures were from when we went up to a local ski area that is about an hour from our home called Bogus Basin - yeah, it's a goofy name, but the views are awesome.

The First Couple Months

The first couple months we explored the area around our home and a place called McCall, which is about 2 1/2 hours from our home. McCall is a small town and popular ski are, with the lake looking similar to Lake Tahoe - just a bit smaller. The Boise river is beautiful and a great place to run, walk, play and fish. It's only about 3 minutes from our house.

Boise River 2 Minutes from House Rode our bikes to
the river
Lake McCall trip October 2004 Lake McCall trip October 2004
Lake McCall trip October 2004 Lake McCall trip October 2004 Lake McCall trip October 2004 Lake McCall trip October 2004
Lake McCall trip October 2004 Mackenzi Cheerleading YMCA Nov. 2004 Mackenzi Cheerleading YMCA Nov. 2004 Mackenzi Cheerleading YMCA Nov. 2004