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Keena Warrington

In Loving Memory of Keena Warrington

Unfortunately one of our family members was unable to make the trip with us. Keena was with us for 13 years and had to be put to sleep just before we had to leave. She was an incredible dog and we miss her dearly!

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Ok - so it's still crazy, however, we have been trying to do a lot of fun stuff - at least within the busy schedules we have.

We are in the process of building a house in an area called Star. You can get a 1 acre parcel of land, surrounded by a bunch of acres of farming land for a decent price. However, things are getting California crazy here as people that are tired of places like California, and they have a ton of equity, are moving here and driving prices through the (Boise) roof. We purchased our lot about 2 months ago for $105,000 and it is already worth $135,000. This is good because...

Angie - recently took a two week Real Estate course and passed the test. She works for a great company and closed the first customer she spoke with. It's like being back in California fifteen or twenty years ago. As much as Angie likes to yak :-) she should do very well in this career (I'm the web master so I can say that). She is still doing very well - she now makes more in a single real estate transaction than she made working six months as a waitress - life is (getting) good!

Blake - is busy with his new job and loves it. My company recently opened offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I miss the free time I had with the fire department job, but don't really miss the job. Every once in a while when a fire truck goes by I think of some great times, memories, and the people I worked with for 20 years in that job. It was a great ride, however, I love the new ride I am on. I actually have a lot more fires to put out. I just don't use a hose and water to put out the "flames."

Mackenzi - is growing like a weed. At 12 years of age she is almost as tall as her mother who is 5' 7" tall. Mackenzi has made some new friends and is anxiously waiting for our new puppy to arrive. She is working on getting on a volleyball team, and with her height she should do well.

Dylan - is doing very well in school and has a couple new friends too. He just started baseball and is doing well on the team. There is so many more things we can do here, and Dylan has been learning to shoot a gun. We have thousands of acres of BLM land behind our property where people ride bikes, run, and shoot guns. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, however, Idaho still lets people use their brains and common sense.

There is a bunch of other stuff going, I just don't have time to write about it here. Want more info? Call us at (208) 938-4132. Want more info? Drop by and see us. Want to get rich? Buy some land in Idaho! Give Angie a call.

September 2004

Well it has been a crazy year to say the least - and moving to Idaho has just added to the list (on a positive note). We landed in Idaho on September 22nd and hit the ground running...

Each of us has our own page where we will be able to customize and share more details about ourselves (see links above). Enjoy the site and feel free to participate...

Blake went right to work at his new job at bodyextreme.com. He loves what he is doing and looks forward to going to work each day. He is putting in long hours because he wants to. Blake can be reached by e-mail at blake@thewarringtons.net.

Angie has been busy putting the house together, getting the kids coordinated at school, taking care of dad and helping the family get situated. She is the leader in helping to bring the rest of you here to Idaho. Angie can be reached at angie@thewarringtons.net.

Mackenzi went right to school and hated it - or so she told her dad. She faked him out because she knew he was concerned about her being in a new school. Mackenzi seems to be adjusting well and is starting too make friends. Mackenzi can be reached at beacheblonde@thewarringtons.net.

Dylan is his typical good natured self. He immediately made friends (and even a girlfriend) his first day at school. He is working to get some friends over and for the snow to come. Dylan can be reached at dylan@thewarringtons.net.

We want to thank all of our friends and family that helped us move and get on the road. We are looking forward the snow and skiing as we are only about 45 minutes away from a nice ski area.

By the way, we have a web cam and are available on MSN Messenger by using the e-mails listed here. We also have a web cam if you want to see us over the net - it's really fun.

Blake, Angie, Mackenzi and Dylan