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Building Our "Dream Home"
(Last Updated February 25th 2007)

Original intro: So here we are in Boise, less than a year, and real estate prices are going NUTS (California Nuts) in our area. Through my CEO and now real estate wife, we are lucky to have purchased a "very special" 1 acre lot in a great area called Hillsdale Estates in a small (soon to be big city) called Star. We literally got the last available lot through the company Angie works for. As of (Feb, 2006) similar lots are selling for as high as $330,000. We paid $105,000 - which the builder bought on his dime.


I'll elaborate more on this experience - bottom line, it took a year to build and it was worth the wait. We LOVE it here. It is a three story - main floor, finished basement and bonus room/bedroom over garage, 4,600 square foot 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 4 car garage (YEAH BABY!) dream home. total cost to build, including 1 acre lot and landscaping - $550,000. It appraised June 2006 for $750,000.

Front of house Front of house Front of house Front of house
Looking down the street Looking up the street Back yard Back yard
Back yard Rock stair case Back yard Back yard
Angie's dream kitchen Great room/Kitchen Great room View from kitchen
Another view from kitchen Custom entertainment center Rear deck off main floor view to North ear deck off main floor view to South
View off main deck View off main deck View off main deck Basement bonus room
Basement bonus room looking at guest room and guest bath Bonus room looking at stairs and wine cellar View from basement View from basement
View from basement Basement office/bedroom Basement office/bedroom Laundry room
Master bedroom view to rear of house Master bedroom view to rear of house Master vanity (hers) Master vanity (his)
View from secluded master shower area Master bedroom Bonus room/bedroom - now workout room over garage Community equestrian center - 2 minutes from home
Community equestrian center - 2 minutes from home Community equestrian center - 2 minutes from home Community fishing pond - 2 minutes from home Community fishing pond - 2 minutes from home
Community fishing pond - 2 minutes from home Garage with Blake's car actually parked inside! Garage and Damon's indoor/outdoor dog kennel Kitchen again
Custom wine cellar door - Ask about the story on this (Amazing) Master bath shower Master bath shower Master bath tub

Star date February 2006... The Iraq invasion (or something) has slowed the progress of our house - though things should start to pick up from here. We already did a complete master bath re-design, turned the 'space' above the garage from storage to a 600 square foot 'bonus room," and a few other mods and ends have been added, changed and/or upgraded. This is now a 4,600 square foot three story house. Estimated value is now at about $850,000. We will let you know the cost later. Prices are going crazy here! Never seen anything like it - even in California.

Front left of house. Where you see exposed wood will be stone. Front right side of house. Outhouse on left is optional. Straight front view - Yes that's a 4 car garage baby! What you see when you walk in the front door.
What you see from the BIG window in the great room. Great room. Fireplace and wall where there will be a custom built entertainment center. Moving around great room you will see opening to kids room and start of kitchen. Did I say kitchen? I'm sorry, I meant MONSTER gourmet kitchen!
View out master bedroom. Construction doors will be replaced by double French doors Master bedroom looking into bathroom - exciting huh? View from Blake's Hugh Hefner master shower area. This is really cool! View of the 4 car garage and Blake's future bedroom... Guys we know the drill.
View to the bonus room (number 2) over the garage. Former storage - now 600 sq. ft. bonus/workout room. Bonus view window with views of Bogus Basin - yes that's a good thing. Back Down Stairs to main floor - Dylan's room facing the front right side of the home house.
Mackenzi's room - opposite Dylan's, facing rear of house. Mackenzi's room again heading out to the hall and ultimately entering the great room. Moving right along down to the 'basement (bonus room 1, office and spare bedroom). Same stairs you just went down - looking at wine stairler on the left.
Basement  bonus room. Whose that woman on the phone (again)? Basement bathroom shower for our guests. Very cold, uncomfortable - for a reason ;-)  Basement spare (your) bedroom - though you will have to fight Amy for it (just ask). Basement office and future trump headquarters - lots of room for success here.

We are finally starting to enjoy the process a bit more as this has taken such a long time. Seeing it finally starting to take shape is fun and exciting - stay tuned, more to come.

Basement office 'secret' bookcase room and Blake's future...?? Rear of the monster house. The elusive creature on left of the picture is Angie. Rear of monster house and a 'c _ _ p load of backyard and dirt to move...

These were taken on September 10th, 2005.  They framed the first floor and the trusses were delivered to be put up next week. The kids are standing next to the trusses. Things are starting to move fast - or so we thought...

This next set was taken the last week in August 2005. They knocked out the entire basement and first floor - sub-floor in one week. The hole in the 4th picture is where the stairs will go to the basement.

Here they brought in base and leveled out the basement and garage so they could pour the concrete. Left pic is looking into basement, next is looking at pile of dirt (with kids) they had to dig out, next is garage and the last pic is looking down into basement and over to rest of house.

More foundation and basement being poured. This took almost three weeks to do all of it. A lot of concrete here. Will make a nice bomb shelter if we ever need it.

View we will have from back yard Back side of house basement Angie is in front of 4 car garage Close up of garage
Storage and master closet Close up of basement Master bath looking across first floor Back side facing street

Next, they started to poor the foundation. This was done in several pours because of the size and complexity of the house. This was the first phase being supervised by Angie's dad. Just kidding, he was out for the weekend to say hi and wanted to see what was going on.

This first set was taken in July 2004 when they broke ground. The first three on the top row is the view we will have from the back of the house.  Then they had to move a lot of dirt for the daylight basement we are putting in.